Friday, 15 May 2015

Mummy and Me by Kombe Collection

Hi beautiful people!

Thank you so much for the great response you are giving our little brand! We are growing by the day and its exciting.

My friend Linda captured this adorable aunty-niece love affair in these great shots. The theme was a  simple 'mummy and me' .
Our brand celebrates family, fashion and style. We do a lot of matching too, at Kombe Collection matching never goes  out of style!
Our clothes seek to appeal to both parents and children, the young and the old ; the family!

Here's what we put together:

Fierce and so gorgeous with very little effort!
     Our models dressed by Kombe Collection; Hailey wearing a shirt and Briannah a waterfall jacket
Photos by UnikueModa Photography
The chemistry was adorable


The waterfall jacket as modelled by makeup artist Briannah Noah
instagram; @crazybeautifulbri

    Our little ankara Queen. Absolutely adorable, she brings these clothes to life. This was the entire team's favourite shot.
Our kiddies clothes are stylish and versitile and meant to work around a child's playful lifestyle.
The versitality can be seen in how this shirt doubles as a dress and so can be worn without bottoms depending on the weather or the occasion.

               I love how this jacket fits her so well and still falls like a waterfall jacket should. Its just so right!

Thanks so much for reading !!
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