Monday, 2 March 2015

Designer Feature : Little Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs

                                          Marc  Jacobs : Fashion’s Wizard of Oz!

My Gavin Rajah post got some pretty good feedback and so I thought I’d make such posts a feature here on the blog.
As a wannabe fashion designer, an interest in fashion is imperative, it’s key, it’s crucial... OK, you get it.
A lot of such wannabes as me are inspired by big fashion names, brands and labels, books, movies, magazines and relevant pop culture. This post show cases one of such names, one of my favourite American designers whose (authentic) handbags I’m yet to get my hands on!

Marc Jacobs (51) was born in New York, 1963. He is best known for his designs with Louis Vuitton and his own label Marc by Marc Jacobs. Also, of great interest to me is his children’s line called Little Marc Jacobs.

Little Marc Jacobs
The Little Marc Jacobs line now a well acclaimed children’s clothing line,was launched in 1997. It is best known for its quirky illustrations, and amazing use of colour. The children’s line also recalls themes and pieces that were a hit with the adult line. With the adult line, Marc Jacobs is known for taking his fans on whimsical journeys through his imagination.

 A Little Marc Jacobs store in New York

  Cute, stylish yet so childlike ! 

Quirky but so cute, playful and stylish yet extremely childlike. I love these little shoes

Little Marc Jacobs models oozing with cuteness at the first Global Kids Fashion Week- Spring/Summer Show 2013, London.

Little Marc Jacobs street looks 

Pretty Little Marc Jacobs print dress with matching ballerina flats with a quirky animal face twist to them. 

 ...the children’s line also recalls themes and pieces that were a hit with the adult line. 

<<<< Quirky adorable accessories.

Beautiful kiddie prints!

Thanks for reading!

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