Tuesday, 15 December 2015

FLOTUS Approved Vera Wang gown replication

I recently got a request from a customer to replicate a gown she saw on the internet, it was of Michelle Obama wearing a gorgeous black off the shoulder gown. I was pretty intrigued by the gown, it was elegant and stylish and also had the gorgeous 'mermaid' skirt attachment that's so popular back here in Zambia (and probably most parts of Africa) for occasion gowns made in our chitenge fabric.

The Vera Wang gown
The gown turned out to be a Vera Wang dress the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) wore to the China State Dinner at the White House in September this year. The gown was custom made for Michelle Obama and featured a V-neckline, off the shoulder tulle sleeves and a draped organza skirt attachment. GORGEOUS!

FLOTUS working the gown!

...of course I had to work on one for myself too!

The Kombe Collection Replication

I used bazin fabric for the long bodice of the dress, though I would have actually preferred to use a suiting fabric to try and stay as close to texture as the original . But I was advised against that for several reasons so Bazin it was. 
Bazin has a waxy appearance to it which can easily lead one to mistake it for a type of faux leather. That was actually my biggest problem with using it for this dress but it gave the gown that difference to it which looked just as good.
I maintained the drapped silk-textured organza, tulle style sleeves (with organza) and the V- neckline.

A fitting at home lead to an impromptu photoshoot at my front door. Here are our best shots, raw and unedited, off an iphone;

 My version

The skirt attachment took up a few good metres of fabric.

The mashup

nailed it ?

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Miss Kombe

Friday, 15 May 2015

Mummy and Me by Kombe Collection

Hi beautiful people!

Thank you so much for the great response you are giving our little brand! We are growing by the day and its exciting.

My friend Linda captured this adorable aunty-niece love affair in these great shots. The theme was a  simple 'mummy and me' .
Our brand celebrates family, fashion and style. We do a lot of matching too, at Kombe Collection matching never goes  out of style!
Our clothes seek to appeal to both parents and children, the young and the old ; the family!

Here's what we put together:

Fierce and so gorgeous with very little effort!
     Our models dressed by Kombe Collection; Hailey wearing a shirt and Briannah a waterfall jacket
Photos by UnikueModa Photography
The chemistry was adorable


The waterfall jacket as modelled by makeup artist Briannah Noah
instagram; @crazybeautifulbri

    Our little ankara Queen. Absolutely adorable, she brings these clothes to life. This was the entire team's favourite shot.
Our kiddies clothes are stylish and versitile and meant to work around a child's playful lifestyle.
The versitality can be seen in how this shirt doubles as a dress and so can be worn without bottoms depending on the weather or the occasion.

               I love how this jacket fits her so well and still falls like a waterfall jacket should. Its just so right!

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Monday, 2 March 2015

Designer Feature : Little Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs

                                          Marc  Jacobs : Fashion’s Wizard of Oz!

My Gavin Rajah post got some pretty good feedback and so I thought I’d make such posts a feature here on the blog.
As a wannabe fashion designer, an interest in fashion is imperative, it’s key, it’s crucial... OK, you get it.
A lot of such wannabes as me are inspired by big fashion names, brands and labels, books, movies, magazines and relevant pop culture. This post show cases one of such names, one of my favourite American designers whose (authentic) handbags I’m yet to get my hands on!

Marc Jacobs (51) was born in New York, 1963. He is best known for his designs with Louis Vuitton and his own label Marc by Marc Jacobs. Also, of great interest to me is his children’s line called Little Marc Jacobs.

Little Marc Jacobs
The Little Marc Jacobs line now a well acclaimed children’s clothing line,was launched in 1997. It is best known for its quirky illustrations, and amazing use of colour. The children’s line also recalls themes and pieces that were a hit with the adult line. With the adult line, Marc Jacobs is known for taking his fans on whimsical journeys through his imagination.

 A Little Marc Jacobs store in New York

  Cute, stylish yet so childlike ! 

Quirky but so cute, playful and stylish yet extremely childlike. I love these little shoes

Little Marc Jacobs models oozing with cuteness at the first Global Kids Fashion Week- Spring/Summer Show 2013, London.

Little Marc Jacobs street looks 

Pretty Little Marc Jacobs print dress with matching ballerina flats with a quirky animal face twist to them. 

 ...the children’s line also recalls themes and pieces that were a hit with the adult line. 

<<<< Quirky adorable accessories.

Beautiful kiddie prints!

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Miss Kombe