Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A Little Red Tutu and a Mini Fashionista

Meet Hailey Noah a budding little fashionista, and who as you can probably already tell loves the camera!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of constructing a cute little red tutu for an even cuter little person, for a Minnie Mouse themed party she was invited to. As I am pretty good on my sewing, this was easy and fun.

Hailey's aunt provided me with elastic, black and red lace fabric for the tutu as well as these two pictures that inspired the red tutu and Hailey's outfit.

The tutu took up an entire 3 metres of fabric; 2m of the red lace and 1m of the black lace.
I started by threading through the red fabric to make gathers, ran a sewing machine through it to fasten the gathers and broke 3 needles while I was at it!

Making gathers

Fastening the gathers

Small red lining to hold the black lace

Attaching black lace inner to lining

This is how the skirt looked after a few hours at the machine.

Finally it was party time!

Thanks for reading!