Sunday, 19 January 2014

Gavin Rajah for LEGiT

Happy New Year beautiful people,
My first post of the year is about one of my favourite South African designers,Gavin Rajah!

Gavin Rajah has for a while now been one of my favourite SA designers, his clothes are always fabulous,very high end and are made for that confident woman who loves to make a statement.
Late last year it was announced that this designer would be collaborating with Legit Stores, a local SA department store chain, so you can imagine my excitement at the time! The hype and excitement for this limited edition of on trend and classy pieces was enormous and very well marketed on both Gavin Rajah and Legit Stores' social media pages,and very well received by all the fashionistas out there, as this meant  the Gavin Rajah Style brand would (for a limited time) be affordable in fabulous ready-to-wear clothes, shoes and accessories.
The collection was launched on 25th November 2013, here's my pick of what i loved most from the collection.

Beautiful, bright and bold dresses,very summer appropriate.

The to-die-for sequin dress was the priciest piece in the collection at R500

The monochrome dress and my personal favourite,the monochrome sling-back heels. I love how the heels are very functional and can be worn both at work and play.

The must-have clutch; Of the two, I preferred the monochrome clutch, that i managed to get my hands on. This too is very functional as it can hold all the little things I'd want to have with me on a night out, not to mention its very on-trend and the gold detailing sets it apart from most monochrome clutch bags out there.

The accessories;

Finally, the heels and most (of the rest) of the collection!

However, this gorgeous collection had no handbags, this would probably be because the Gavin Rajah brand is mostly evening-wear centered.

Know more about Gavin Rajah here and Legit Stores here.

Miss Kombe